Thursday, 27 January 2022


 I've been asked if the title of yesterday's post was an instruction to Gamage's not to sell or display martial toys any more. Sadly the store - which I visited regularly as a child, and was quite possibly where I first developed my love of the small shiny figure en masse - has long gone. The title was more an allusion to the refrain in the Proclaimers' song 'Letter From America':

On the subject of toy soldiers on the tabletop, we are two thirds of the way through a peninsular Napoleonic game in the legendary wargames room, hypocentre of such activities in the lower Wharfe valley. James posted some nice pictures of the first night here, and he certainly took some more last night so there may well be another post in due course. This is almost all of his collection (as it stands at the moment obviously) and was a feast for the eyes. Personally I thought we could have done with one or two fewer French guns on display, but perhaps I'm just being churlish. It's been a good game, swinging backwards and forwards over the two evenings. We - the British - took a bit of a hammering at first, but have in the last couple of turns dished it out. If I was going to draw any conclusions about the current state of the rules it would be that attacking is rather hard.

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  1. Loved the wife and I have actually seen them live New Zealand no less. And that's more impressive than it sounds, as I have probably been to less than twenty live band concerts in my fifty nine years, and the buil of them were the early eighties for such bands as The Boomtown Rats, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones and The Rezillos! I guess in general, attacking should be hard. As has been pointed out recently on a couple of other blogs, modern doctrine prescribes a three to one advantage in numbers to the attacker.....we don't often see that replicated on a gaming table!