Sunday, 21 January 2018

A certain kind of light

I'm in the mood for some Eric Burdon, and of course it will also serve as a belated tribute to Sir Barry:


  1. He's a hell of a singer. To my shame I have never bothered to listen to the 'Mark II' Animals, I will now have to give them a go. Meanwhile for sheer raw energy, there's a 'Live at the Club A Go-Go 1963' album that I reckon gives any punk band a run for its money..

    1. I love the 'Winds of Change' album from 1967, in part because for quite a while I only owned about three LPs and that was one of them. It contains an absolutely belting version of 'Paint It Black', which I believe you can see them playing live in the film of the Monterey festival.

      That live album you mention rings a bell. Is that the one with the long track where he tells a rambling story bout Bo Diddley?

    2. I remember you playing this album over and over and over whenever we went to your house for a game! I never did get around to getting a copy for myself though - big oversight!