Tuesday, 23 January 2018


I know that you've all been waiting for a dental update so I can confirm that the permanent crown is now fitted and seems to be functioning OK; I am certainly no longer in pain. As for the roof, there has been a slight change of diagnosis. A cherry picker is due later in the week to allow re-pointing of the chimney stack. I have strongly made the case that as I am paying for the plant hire I should be allowed a go on it, but various obstacles are being placed in my path. We shall see.

My boardgaming rebirth has continued with a few more games played, featuring some very poor last places from your bloggist. I did get the biggest laugh in a game of Telestrations, but I'm afraid that you had to be there (which you would be correct in assuming is a euphemism for smut). Indirectly this has led (may lead?) to an unblocking of my current wargaming inertia. I have mentioned before playing a couple of games of C&C Napoleonics with Chris, the convener of the Monday night boardgaming in the pub group. He has requested another game and so the Great War will be sidelined pro tem. What I shall do is set up the sort-of Eckmühl game that James and Peter played last June. Partly because I thought it was a good scenario and partly because I neglected to write down the OOBs at the time and have been meaning to retrospectively do so ever since. There was actually some gaming last week when we played the first evening of a second run through of a SYW scenario at James'. His report doesn't mention that we, the Allies, did in fact turn a Move in Difficult card; it's just that we did so with out last initiative pip and the turn - and the evening - ended immediately afterwards. All we need to do is to win a dozen or so initiative points, then turn Manoeuvre, Musket Reload and Move in Difficult in that order and we're back in the game; not much to ask I think.

I can't go without a brief tribute to Hugh Masekela. Firstly, and perhaps surprisingly, this is him playing the trumpet part on the Byrds hit from fifty years ago:

And of course, I couldn't not include this from twenty years later:

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