Friday, 12 January 2018

If three and four was seven only

I have been to see 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'; good film, funny, sad, full of twists. My only reservation is that even I don't believe that in the US the police either routinely behave like that or would get away with it if they did. It shares many tropes with 'Wind River' - which I suspect that I have never mentioned seeing before - but was the better film. Maybe it's just that the implausibility level was dialled back a bit; when violence broke out in this one you could sort of see where they were coming from. I think they are both essentially westerns set in the present day; perhaps it's cheaper to film that way, perhaps it's easier to get funded. I had hoped to catch a real western ('Hostiles') last week, but it doesn't seem to have stuck around in the cinema for too long. I'll have to hope that the local arts centre puts it on in one of their oap matinees with free tea and biscuits.

Here's the original version of a song from Three Billboards' soundtrack that struck a chord:


  1. Ah, Townes Van Sant. The version of Pancho and Lefty from Heartwown Highways just about rips your heart out.

    1. Sorry for the horrific typos...

    2. I've never actually owned a Townes van Zandt CD; I think even a miserable bastard like me would struggle to listen to an hour or so's worth of such downbeat stuff, however excellent it is.

  2. Neither have I, though I have looked just in case in secondhand shops occasionally. You are right though: a song once every four months on YouTube is probably about all a person can reasonably take!