Sunday, 16 September 2018


Your bloggist loves a coincidence and so finds it noteworthy that after he included a link to the Palouse Wargaming Journal blog in his last post that blog has subsequently announced that it is having a competition and asks that links are provided to it. So here's one directly to the post about it. It's a most interesting and colourful blog, somewhat intimidating to those of us who are slow (and crap) painters.

I have however quickly knocked out the troops necessary for a trial of Square Bashing; Great War uniforms are good for that. I have had a solo run through the extensive pre-battle process seemingly common to all Peter Pig rules and set up the table with the result. I won't include a photo just yet because I don't like the way that the squares representing built up terrain look. The grid squares are much bigger than the single hexes used for C&C terrain and that is compounded by the fact that terrain always fills two adjacent areas. I have a couple of ideas, which naturally involve spending money; what doesn't? Coming back to the rules, they are fairly clearly written, but like the other PP rules I own (Bloody Barons) seem very prescriptive about things that don't appear to affect  gameplay one way or the other. I haven't noticed any obvious holes though; Bloody Barons memorably omitted any rules at all for cavalry vs cavalry melees.

Wargaming in Wharfedale will resume this coming week. We shall be back in the Peninsular as James has been painting. What he has written about Cazadores in his blog absolutely guarantee both a mid game rule change and that they won't stay as skirmish only troops in the long run; trust me, I've known him for a number of years.

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  1. Thanks for the blog plug and your kind words. With your friend James' brushwork, I do not see how you can claim my work is intimidating. James' skill and talent with the brush, now THAT is intimidating!