Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Never Mind The Bulwarks

 Bastions are Go! 

It's the usual story about the spraying, and there's a design fault that means they can't currently be used in straight wall sections, but I think they achieve the objective of vaguely suggesting what they're meant to be.

I shall have to get round the straight wall problem by making some spacer sections to flank them; as if I didn't have enough different bits already.

The cannon are what I propose to use as fortress guns. Those above are from Hat 8311 Napoleonic Naval Cannon and Crew, and the others are from Orion 72001 English Pirates. The Hat ones are a lot better, but waste not want not. I was trying out the 2p pieces as bases, but they are a bit too big. Crew will be individually based so that the guns will serve whoever is defending.


  1. Agree with Jon. That looks good.

    Bastions are always going to be inflexible: if you take fields of fire/sight lines literally, the angles will mean the fortress always has to be more or less the same shape.