Wednesday 9 December 2020

Mortars - various

 Thanks to everyone for their kind words regarding my latest efforts at CAD design, laser cutting and Polyfilla gap closing. Unusually for these strange times I have some progress to report for a second consecutive day.

I was going to try my hand at scratch building some Gribeauval style siege mortars, in a similar manner to this. But then I came across Speira Miniatures and decided to take the easy option and order some from them instead. They duly arrived from Helsingborg this morning.

They are 3D printed and they can therefore supply them in whatever scale one wants. I obviously went for 1/72 and can confirm that the dimensions are spot on for a 12" Gribeauval mortar, at least according to the Osprey book on the subject. In other words substantially more accurate than I could have made them.

While I was at it I bought some Coehorn style light mortars. These are actually from their ACW range, but van Coehoorn's orginal design wasn't changed overmuch from its first use in 1702 until its final outing in 1915. On top of which, those are 1cm squares that they are sitting on, so one would have to be a pretty enthusiastic rivet counter to spot any difference.

So, a thumbs up from me for Speira Miniatures, excellent products and good service.

One last point: you may, like me, be wondering why my cutting mat appears to be covered in crud in those photographs. I have been to take a look and can confirm that it is, in fact, covered in crud. 

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  1. Nice looking mortars! All cutting mats look like that if you use them, if they didn't you would be an effete dilitente who only pretended to wargame!
    Best Iain