Tuesday 29 December 2020

The Corner Conundrum

 I have come across a new resource for horse and musket siege warfare. Among other things it has some nifty animated diagrams to explain why bastions were needed and why they were the shapes that they were. When it comes to saps though, it would appear that they are drawing on the same source material as everyone else. Duffy is clear that, other than in unusual circumstances, saps only had one side, which still leaves open the question of how to represent the corners. If one was to take the sensible option and simply delineate the trench with suitable rectangles then it would look like this:

If one replaces those with the saps that I have moulded (and you will note that I haven't got round to casting any more) you get this, which looks completely wrong because it is completely wrong:

A more 'correct' layout would be something like this, which isn't remotely aesthetically satisfying:

The problem is, obviously enough, that you can't see the trench. I do have some ideas, the one which I favour the most being to include a tiny model Phil Harding using his trowel to point out the edge line to an even more tiny model Tony Robinson. Failing that, I have one or two other possible solutions in mind, and shall report back.

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