Tuesday, 15 December 2020

post eventum sapientibus

 Wargames blogs have been around for years now, and certain customs and practices have arisen. One of these is promising to do things that are not only never done, but which the both the bloggist and his or her readers know that there is little or no intention of doing in the first place. A small example of this is my claim yesterday that I was going to produce a model of the sap as illustrated by Vauban and Duffy. Clearly, I was never going to model the trench part - that would be silly - and I always knew that I would skip the fascines on the top given that they would probably be mostly covered in earth. I possibly half thought that I might add the sandbags, but in the end I didn't; partly CBA and partly because I think they would make the subsequent steps in my plan more difficult. So, what I have actually made is a row of gabions in front of an earth bank. It's pleasant enough, but falls woefully short of what was shown in the plans.

What it did do is give me a chance to get out the hot glue gun, which is far and away my favourite modelling tool. There is possibly some deep Freudian reason for that, but fortunately I have given up introspection for advent.

The gabions are from the Italeri Battlefield Accessory Set, in part because that's what I had to hand, but mainly because they come in half sections. 

You will note that we are back on the really, really crud covered cutting mat today.

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