Saturday 5 December 2020


 Apart from bastions and artillery, on which subjects much has been written and very little actually done, a horse and musket period siege required sappers, engineers etc. When, at the start of the first lockdown, I photographed those elements of my collection never to have seen the table top I ran out of enthusiasm before reaching the French Napoleonic engineers in siege dress.

I have rather a lot of these, which I think is going to come in handy. The opposition to the French will either be Russian or Prussian and I have no idea what the equivalent troops for those armies looked like, or where on earth I'd get some even if I did. The assumption will therefore be that they took their lead from the French and looked pretty much the same.

Three chaps with very unconvincing beards

To stop them from being truly indistinguishable, the French engineer units will each be accompanied by a line infantry sappeur, somewhat incongruously wearing full dress uniform. This is, of course, because I have a number of those and they have never to date seen any action. 

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