Sunday 29 January 2023


 The previously - and deservedly - obscure post which I mentioned earlier in the month is still getting a dozen or so visits a day. Does anyone know if Blogger allows one to put adverts on just one post? Only kidding; there will never be advertisements on this blog. 

No, adverts will join all the other things that are no longer featured here: interest, humour, secret messages to the big bouncy woman, etc. And, for some time now, that list has included videos in memory of the musical heroes of my youth who have left us. I had to give those up for actuarial reasons; barely a day goes past without sad news that yet another octogenarian has popped his or her last balloon. If I commemorated all of them then I wouldn't have room for the wargaming content for which this blog is so highly regarded. However, and you all saw this coming, I am going to make an exception for Tom Verlaine, for no better reason than that if 'Marquee Moon' isn't the best debut album of all time then I'd like someone to tell me what is. Let's lift a glass to happy days in Seaview:

If anyone is interested, the best debut single of all time is clearly 'Virginia Plain'.


  1. Dr Feelgood 'Roxette' , The Specials 'Gangsters' and Nick Lowe 'So it Goes' ain't bad debuts, though maybe I'll give you 'Virginia Plain'..

    1. Excellent suggestions all. Having said that, I have no clear memory of 'Gangsters' as an album. I shall go away and check it out.