Friday, 24 July 2015

Where's the wargaming?

A non-wargaming reader of this blog has observed that there isn't actually that much wargaming content. I would refer any such critic to the very first post in which I explained that I never did any wargaming and could therefore offer a different perspective to those lucky people who did. Subsequently of course, and a result of certain domestic rearrangements, more games have been played. Even during the period when I was sleeping under hedges and eating out of dustbins I managed to get plenty of games in; so what excuse do I - now the proud possessor of my very own wargaming annexe - have for the current inactivity? ["And what excuse," asks the RP "do you have for this appalling prose style where you are constantly asking yourself questions?"]

Simple, it's summer and I'm having 'a blast'. ["Well-a-well-a-well-a huh, tell me more, tell me more"] and therefore have no time. Normal, toy-soldier-heavy, blogging will resume soon. Possibly. Actually the criticism that hurts most is the suggestion that the blog has lazily turned into nothing more than a series of daily music videos. I refute this totally.

From the lining of my sports jacket, I produced a bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream.

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  1. As a non gaming commentator I would like to say that a blast in the summer is amazing "gimme more, gimme more" even without the summer niiiigggghhhts. A belter of a song, almost but not quite eclipsed by the photo. High waisted jeans teamed with a hairy beer belly are a tricky fashion item to pull off. I