Tuesday, 9 June 2015

And yonder all before us lie

I have set up a Romans vs Ancient Britons game to have a crack at Basic Impetus. I would like to have taken some decent photographs, but sadly it would seem that my camera is unlikely ever to return. (One which subject, anyone who found it following the Otley Show should understand that all those photos of the ladies tug-of-war were taken in admiration of their athletic prowess and for no other reason) We must therefore make do with some blurry efforts taken on my phone.

The terrain on either side of the battlefield is for aesthetic effect. In particular the river at this end is solely for the purpose of creating a space for the umpire to put his ginger beer and the rules.

Roman ballistae on a precision, laser-cut template which only looks like a bit of cardboard painted green because of the limitations of the photography.

Some Airfix chariots, painted many, many years ago and never before seen on the table-top. Note once again the deceptively cheap looking unit footprint template.

I intend to have a solo run through at some point over the next few days while listening to the ODIs vs New Zealand. In the meantime here is some asparagus with a hash of sweet potato and chorizo.


  1. Sounds like your lot have been eating their greens too: 123/2 after 17 is very fresh! Be interested to hear what you think of BI.

  2. The fake Old School bases are perfect - very authentic - it was worth all that expense, I think. Without wishing to be effusive, the understated photography is also very convincing. The Airfix presence in the armies tugs gently at my heart, since I once had Ancient armies of similar pedigree and content, though I can honestly say that your armies are not anywhere near as crap as mine were, which gives a further tug, since it makes me ponder what might have been. [In fact, by the time I got rid of those armies, anything which had ever been made of grey plastic was beginning to disintegrate, so I haven't really lost anything.]

    I am genuinely interested in your adventures with Basic Impetus. BI is one of a goodish number of rule sets which I thought about seriously for the ECW, spent some time studying but somehow never got to play with. Concerns about solo play may have figured in this (can't remember, to be honest), but the rules are still on a theoretical shortlist of things-which-are-not-Commands-&-Colors, since my discover that Victory without Quarter did not do it at all for me.

    I shall stay tuned.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm. Asparagus. Mmmmmmmm.
    Mmmmmmmmmm. Old school chariots. Mmmmmmmm.