Thursday, 16 February 2017

Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Verse 61

"It's only a flesh wound"

You may recall me writing here back in September last year a lighthearted post about losing my voice. You may further recall that this was followed within days by my ending up in A&E on oxygen. Moving forwards, to last week in fact, we find me attempting a humorous response to the news that I'd eaten a product being recalled by a supermarket because of possible contamination during the production process. Well, and it may be that you are ahead of me here, since posting that I have been taken ill and am currently undergoing various tests for salmonella infection. Egosyntonia is the word you are looking for.


  1. Oops,hope your feeling better soon ,Tony

  2. "I told you I was ill", hope you get better soon, very good forecasting skills, valuable in an accounting context no doubt!
    Best Iain