Monday, 30 July 2018

Lightweight filler

'Lightweight filler' is of course an accurate description of most of what is written here, but today I mean it in a literal sense. For modelling and painting have returned to the Casa Epictetus after a long absence. The initial impetus came from me needing to use my hot glue gun to repair something, and having put the protective cover on the table it seemed a waste not to press on.

It had occurred to me when I was setting up the Malesov game - still not played - that I could do with some 'lance' markers (see p57 of Version 1.1a of To the Strongest! plus p4 of Ever Stronger V6 for full details of why) and obviously it wouldn't take long to bash some out. And it wouldn't have, had not my plastic primer and tub of filler both dried out and become unusable during the handicraft hiatus, requiring a trip out in the pouring rain to get some more. While staring at the shelves I was seduced by the tubs of exciting new lightweight filler and decided to give it a try. One cannot fault the description - it must be easily an order of magnitude less dense than the regular stuff - but I found it very difficult to work with. To get it to 'flow' (clearly not the right word, but anyone who has based figures will know what I'm getting at) I had to keep a very wet tool at all times.

However, the extra water meant was that it took an absolute age to dry, whereas one can usually crack on with painting the regular stuff quite quickly. On reflection I'm not sure what particular benefit less weight is to me. Indeed stands of plastic figures are actually made more robust by a bit of heft down below.

While I'm on the subject of tools I have acquired a rather nifty engineer's chest to hold mine and, rather more importantly, to occupy one of the fireplaces in my living room; that's right, I have more than one fireplace in my living room.

It seems to me to need something to stand on one side of it to break up the symmetry. One of my lady friends suggested a lava lamp, apparently in all seriousness. Well, you know they say about lava lamps: "fun to look at, but not very bright".

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