Thursday, 13 December 2018

Oh Lordy Lord, she's desperate, do what she says...

Foreign readers may be puzzled by the political situation in the UK at the moment. So are we. I actually, and surprisingly even to myself, have a certain amount of sympathy for Theresa May in that, as I have previously pointed out, what we have is a clear example of Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, and there is literally no solution which will satisfy a majority of people. She also seemed to realise that as the UK had a weak negotiating position vis a vis the EU (as in it held no cards whatsoever) that what was essential would be a strong government so that the terrible deal we ended up with could be driven through Parliament regardless of the fact that no one liked it. We all know what - thankfully - happened to that idea, That's where my sympathy ends though, as I have been struggling to understand her conduct of the negotiations ever since. However, I have had a cinematic epiphany and now it's clear: she has been following the advice of Mel Brooks all along. This is the scene from Blazing Saddles on which her entire strategy has been based:

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