Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Appearances lead to deceive

It's about time that I bored you all with a list of boardgames played:

6 nimmt!: A really abstract game for which the correct strategy is so elusive that one is probably almost as well off playing randomly, but which I like despite that.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: I like this, but have never seen anyone, myself included, display any particular science in deciding the prices when it's their turn to be master builder.

Codenames: A most enjoyable game for which I have no talent. It depends on having common frames of reference with one's teammates so, given the age gap between me and everyone else, all it does is prove that I am not down with the kids.

Isle of Skye - From Chieftain to King: This game has nothing to do with Skye and even less to do with getting promoted from chieftain to king. It is a sort of cross between Carcassonne, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and any number of games with variable victory conditions. I liked it and am not being facetious when I commend it for being quick to play.

Mafia de Cuba: A very fiddly and, I would suggest, pointless addition to the hidden identity genre. The only connection to Cuba seems to be that the (very many) bits are supplied in a cigar box.

Memoir '44: Enjoyed it and would like to play again.

Mystery of the Abbey: Cluedo meets 'The Name of the Rose'. I like it, but it works best with the maximum number of players.

Quartermaster General: The game a couple of weeks was probably my favourite of all the the times we've played. As the Germans I got my status cards all deployed early and the blitzkrieged my way to Moscow, but my card expenditure was too great and I had nothing left when the Yanks arrived.

Snowdonia: Jointly building a railway to the summit. A highly enjoyable worker placement game.

Thunderbirds: FAB, Virgil. It's basically Pandemic, but with added Tracy brothers. It was OK - I rather relished being Lady Penelope - but I still can't see the point of co-operative games. It didn't really seem that much different to the board game on the same theme which I played in the 1970s. And there was no Brains nor Parker either.

Tiny Epic Galaxies: We were somewhat handicapped as none of us knew the rules, but I'd like to play this again now I've sort of got the hang of it. I preferred it to the similarly themed Ad Astra.

War Galley: Not for me. It turns out that Peter quite liked it, although his reasoning seemed to be no more than that it wasn't as bad as Advanced Squad Leader.

And, speaking of Skye, here's some Runrig:


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