Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Velleity no more

I have tried twice before to write a review of the Derby show, but have continually been sidetracked by a cacoethes of making unsolicited observations - both good and bad - about other peoples' appearance and also some frankly delusional ones about my own. In the meantime everyone else has cracked on and done the job properly, usually with photos. Even James has broken radio silence to post on his blog about it. His is a fairly comprehensive run through of what happened, albeit excluding the fact that the reason we played it twice was that we got the rules wrong the first time. He also rather glosses over what he shouted out when it was announced that he'd won.

So, there isn't much left to say. The one game that I would like to mention myself is the participation game set in Tobruk. The notable point was the terrain cloth which was a piece of Hessian sack covered with scattered sand and scenic green stuff. Simple but effective. The chap who was running the game was not only very friendly and keen to explain the creation of his scenery, but was also - if I might be allowed one last comment on the physical stature of the wargaming sodality - about seven feet tall.

All that I actually bought - apart from a sausage sandwich on the first day and a full English on the second - were some playing card tokens from Warbases for use with To the Strongest!. I bought four 'decks' worth and am currently painting the backs of each in different colours to allow easy separation.

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  1. For anyone who is in least bit interested, which I doubt, I shouted, having won "Did you hear that Sheffield?".

    I'll bury the hatchet all right........

    Some things are never forgotten.........

    Bring it on!