Thursday, 1 October 2015

Paint touches plastic

Or to be more precise, paint touches undercoat that was put on weeks ago. Yes, wargames painting returns after a hiatus caused by who knows what. The Hamian archers and scavenged Celtic chariot have moved forwards a bit; hopefully the momentum that has now built up will see them through to completion shortly. There has also been some more repair work, this time on Napoleonic French skirmishers.

Finally, having decided that the next game in the wargaming annexe here at Casa Epictetus will be Ferrybridge, I am quickly knocking up some Lancastrian commanders. Step forward Lords Clifford and Neville. I've set up the third and main assault on the bridge and will be interested to see how To the Strongest! copes with something smaller scale, but more complex than two armies lined up facing each other. I shall post more details of the scenario - complete with bad photos - in due course.Things will be simplified in order to improve playability:
  • the bridge won't be broken;
  • the town will be ignored;
  • it will be mainly an infantry action; and
  • the Lancastrians will on this occasion get some reinforcements from the main body.

And now War will sing about paint:

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