Sunday, 25 October 2015

Far Fiasco

"The cause of the six-sided shape of a snowflake is none other than that of the ordered shapes of plants and of numerical constants; and since in them nothing occurs without supreme reason—not, to be sure, such as discursive reasoning discovers, but such as existed from the first in the Creators's design and is preserved from that origin to this day in the wonderful nature of animal faculties, I do not believe that even in a snowflake this ordered pattern exists at random."- Johannes Kepler

I have been to Fiasco, which I'm afraid continues not to be very good. I find that a real shame. For many years, as a wargamer who didn't know any other wargamers, the two Fiasco shows each year provided an important connection to the hobby. However, at a point roughly coincident with, but presumably unrelated to, its move to the Royal Armouries the show started to steadily decline in quality. For the last couple of years I've helped James and Peter put on games at the show, but it's half-term and James has higher priorities. Sadly there were no other demonstration games there today that even approached the size and quality of that which won James the prize at Derby earlier this month. Indeed there was nothing much to look at at all.

On the other hand, there were plenty of places to spend money, and so I did. In a move that will not surprise at least one reader of the blog, I bought some Hexon terrain from Kallistra. I now have, I hope, enough to replace my homemade squex mats for C&C Napoleonics and also the basis for a more extensive future set-up that will eventually allow larger games in the annexe.

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