Friday, 20 November 2015

Bad Penny Blues

I have, I'm sure, remarked here before that I have never understood why some wargamers are constantly rebasing their figures. It is therefore with some embarrassment that I have undertaken something even more pointless, I am reworking some of the markers that I use for indicating, for example, unit type and strength. I have two sorts, letters and numbers, both home made from adhesive craft stickers mounted on pennies in a base of filler. I had insufficient of some letters, but have now tracked down some more stickers of the same typeface to extend the collection. At the same time I managed to find some numbers in the same font, which I have decided to use to replace my existing numbers, which are perfectly adequate in both quantity and appearance. The exercise will take quite some time and will leave me pretty much where I was when I started. Perhaps I am a proper wargamer after all .

Speaking of which, last night I was half watching a documentary about WWII tanks when my ears caught the words Sidi Rezegh. What followed was a very interesting few minutes on Operation Crusader which was memorably described by an officer of 5th RTR as 'a gigantic cock-up'. The comparison of the relative sizes of shells from the British 37mm gun found on the Honey with that from a German 88mm was frightening. I'm not suggesting we fight the scenario again though.

Here's some Humph:


  1. Speaking of which...

    1. Oh yes; you just cannot beat a bit of Rory Gallagher. I shall be watching his videos on youtube all weekend now.