Thursday, 26 November 2015


“I do feel it gone,
But know not how it went” 
- William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale

Life has ticked along nicely during my brief absence from blogging here. I went to an very entertaining talk on pseudoscience by Michael Marshall of the Good Thinking Society. There was nothing new, but it's always good to hear someone stick the boot into psychics, homeopathy etc. There was the usual round of boardgaming - which will be covered in due course, although I can reveal that I have played another cooperative game that I quite like - and even some wargaming.

First up in terms of wargaming was the little project to redo all my number markers. I set up a production line and with with a bit of focus have managed to pretty much finish, despite the fact that it quite possibly wasn't worth doing in the first place. Is that better than half-finishing something that is worth doing? What am I, a philosopher?

Which leaves the climax of the latest Seven Years War scenario at James'. I rather thought it was all over before we started, a feeling reinforced when Peter got an early run of initiative and I sank to zero morale. However, the dominoes suddenly shifted in my favour, Peter's dice rolling reverted to its usual poor state and the Prussians found themselves without any morale either. Sadly that proved to be the high water mark for the Russians and for me the tipping point was when I was one initiative pip short of being able to heroically remove a unit of horse grenadiers from the firing line. In the end the major morale rules did their job and the Russian left flank disappeared leaving the game effectively over.

I'm still not sure about the scenario; it certainly needs more physical space behind the Russian defences. Probably, the top reason for the Prussian's success was their ability to effectively fire their muskets twice as often as the Russians. The latter would have been better in melee, but never got the chance. Most of the wrap-up discussion centred on possible rule changes for morale and Cossacks. A consensus was achieved: give a try to my suggestions on morale challenges, yet another version of major morale, and moving back a bit on the previously proposed amendments to Cossacks. The current plan is to try these out next week.

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