Thursday, 5 November 2015

Napoleon's last victory isn't

I had set up the C&C Ligny scenario mainly to see how it looked, but we ended up playing it last night.
The emperor ponders how best to waste the Old Guard
The terrain is very robust despite not being clipped together as thoroughly as recommended by the manufacturer. The video on their website makes it look so easy, but it's really not; I gave up after pinging the clips around the annexe on several occasions. The fact that the hexes were smaller than the previous squexes not only made it look more cramped, but also made the players imagine there was less room for manouevre as well. I suppose we'll get used to it.

For the record, James' peculiar aversion to combined arms attacks resulted in a straightforward Prussian victory.

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  1. I enjoyed being beaten again, and I liked the terrain too. One day, I hope to truly get the hang of C&C. When I haven't played it for a while, combined arms rule put aside, I always fall into the trap of 'compulsion'. I see my hand of cards rather than the tactical situation and try to convert my tactical situation into one that suits my cards. The more I play the game the more I see this to be self evident but I always fall into the same old mind set when I haven't played for a while - my glass always looks half full when I start.

    Hand building is easier said than done. The risk of it, keeping one's nerve whilst doing so, goes against all of my war game instincts. I feel sure it is the way to be successful in these games - certainly, after playing a few on the trot they get much more cagey.