Monday, 14 November 2016

Beating the Boche

I popped in to the WWI gaming day held at the Royal Armouries on Saturday. It wasn't worth a special trip to Leeds, but I think more than justified the ten minute stroll from the city centre if one was there anyway. In fact I spent about an hour at the show playing a couple of participation games and chatting to a few of the demonstrators. Naturally I forgot to take a camera. There were eight games in all including the Jutland game that was at Fiasco, a Wings of War game and a large game by Leeds Wargaming Club that didn't seem to involve any contact between the two sides while I was watching. I had a crack at Villers- Bretonneux (the first tank on tank battle in history), where I routed the Boche with a lucky throw, and a sort of Steampunk take on naval clashes on Lake Tangayanika, in which I routed the Boche with a lucky card draw.

My own WWI gaming exploits continue although I haven't yet got a handle on successful tactics. The photo below has nothing to do with the scenario, instead it's just to see how my new barbed wire looks on the table.

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  1. Since it took historical commanders time to figure out successful tactics, you are allowed latitude in climbing your own learning curve. Terrain looks great by the way.