Saturday 4 March 2017

Wille and the Bandits

It has been a while since I posted links to videos by a blues rock power trio, but I have been to see the wonderful Wille and the Bandits so that must change:

The band had been sleeping in their tour bus for a week - which judging by the state of the guitarist's hands in the video above is probably not uncommon - but were being put up after this particular concert by a friend of mine. That's the closest I've come to the rock and roll lifestyle for many years. Also some way from being down with the kids was the middle aged chap in front of me who clearly hadn't tightened his belt sufficiently, and I don't mean that metaphorically. As he leaped up and down to encourage an encore his trousers fell down around his ankles. Not cool, bro, not cool.

They did an idiosyncratic version of Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads', surely the ur-blues song. I had earmarked this year for a trip down the Mississippi including a visit to Clarksdale. However the election of the tangerine toddler has put an end to that; I shall be staying in Europe now I think.

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