Friday, 21 April 2017

It's Friday Night, Got To Go Home Now

As proof that people can reappear in one's life as well as disappear, I have heard from one of my closest friends at school (for our US readers I really mean school and not university) after a gap of many years. This has brought some sadness - inevitably bad things as well as good have happened in a couple of decades - but also some amusing coincidences. We shared many interests back in those days. I think I may have mentioned before that I played keyboards in the worst band of all time; Don was the bass player. Of more relevance is that he and Charlie (Charlie was the drummer) were my first wargaming opponents, using - naturally - Donald Featherstone's rules from the local library's copy of Advanced Wargames. I seem to remember refighting Waterloo as part of his CSE History project, although I also remember it being rigged so that Napoleon would win.

Anyway, it seems that in retirement he has returned to the one true hobby and spookily was already a fan of the blog. Not this blog obviously, that would be beyond coincidence even as we students of the higher mathematics interpret the word. No, he is a follower of James' blog, in common with the rest of the wargaming world. What I'm not clear about is why he didn't spot me in the photos of the legendary wargames room, after all I have hardly aged a bit in the last forty years.


  1. A serendipitous reacquaintance, for sure. Really, who does not ogle over James' games and game room? Will this reconnection include wargaming?

    1. Well geography is against us, but I hope so.

  2. Well we were the worlds "Greatest Rock and Roll band - Or Is It! We spent many happy hours crawling around carpets with Graham always the rebel! Russians for WW2, Prussians for Napoleonics and Confederates for ACW! And the French had to win Waterloo as it was my CSE project, I was the French and we used my Polaroid camera to take the pictures.

    Then there were the happy nights 24 hour gaming Marathons playing Diplomacy, Kingmaker, Formula One and Mine a Million(!?)! I suppose we'd better not talk about the shared girlfriends or how we joined the Young Conservatives as they had all the looking girls for nights down at the Welly!

    Hopefully, despite the miles, the shared memories not to mention the love of "The One True Hooby" will ensure we meet before another 40 years is up when we'll both be 101!