Monday, 17 October 2016

A 'True Wargamer' speaks

I have been outed on TMP, by Belgian Ray no less, as a true wargamer. It is needless to say a case of mistaken identity, or possibly he is on drugs. In any event he clearly doesn't read this blog. However, any praise is better than no praise and, duly inspired, I shall post today about wargaming related activities. Nothing I write shall mark me out as a true wargamer unless that denotes someone who doesn't particularly know what he's doing; which, on reflection, it just might.

I have returned with some enthusiasm to the Great War project. The figures are relatively easy to paint and I have now completed all the British that I need for the introductory scenario. Except one. This figure - a rifle grenadier - has not only not been painted, it hasn't been purchased; I'm not terribly sure why. Orders will shortly be placed. I mentioned in a previous post that at Derby I had bought an MG08 when I actually needed an MG08/15, but that I was going to paint it straight away for the hell of it. It turns out that it is indeed an MG08 that I need so, more by luck than judgement, that's another box that I can tick. That in turn means that I unexpectedly have enough Germans for the scenario as well, although I might paint up a couple more specific figures to differentiate those trained as bombers and runners.

A dreadful photograph

So what does that leave? I have made up a couple of Shock markers and am happy with those, but need to make another half a dozen. I have the bases, but need some casualty figures which will be included in the orders referred to above. More difficult is the means of identifying big men and sections. In the first instance will probably use the tokens that I use for To the Strongest! and damn the aesthetics, but need to work out the details. And then there is the terrain. I don't yet feel strong enough for sawing up hardboard or even cutting it up with a Stanley knife. I will however finish packing away the last game played in the annexe - a Napoleonic C&C game you will recall - which I started doing, but abandoned due to my illness; and then I shall set up the scenario and try to work out what I might need to buy/make.


  1. The basing looks very convincing. I take it this is for the C&C/PSC Great War game that all the cool kids and true wargamers are playing?

  2. Actually no; we shall be having a go at the Two Fat Lardies' 'Through the Mud and the Blood'. However, I have certainly made a mental note that already having the hex terrain would make the C&C game a fairly easy diversion at some point.

    The figures in the photo are 20mm and mostly HaT plastic, with a few metal from Lancer Miniatures and IT Miniatures.