Sunday, 30 October 2016

Frederick still not great

I have been to Fiasco!, the local Leeds show, and rather enjoyed it. One has to say that it hasn't been that brilliant for a couple of years, but I thought that things had definitely perked up. Whilst James' game was definitely the best, there were a  number worth looking at. Legendary Wargames had a nice looking ACW set up and there were a range of other smaller ones. I had a go at a neat little participation game that the Wakefield and District Society were running covering the Agincourt campaign. It worked well for me and not just because as Henry V I triumphantly defeated the French at the gates of Calais.

The refight of Chotusitz was somewhat less successful. The domino gods were not kind to the Prussians and nor was the morale card deal. With a bit more morale perhaps the superiority of Frederick's infantry may have come into play. Perhaps. What I would say is that more than in any other Piquet demo game with which I have helped, many people were displaying an interest in the rules and not just the set up.

I picked up my latest order from Kallistra and am now ready to have a crack at Through the Mud and the Blood. Further details - and hopefully some photos - will follow.

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