Thursday, 13 October 2016

You have elected the way of pain!

"The thing I have always tried to do is surprise people; to present them with something they didn't expect." - Christopher Lee

As far as I'm aware - and please correct me if you know better - Lee wasn't one of the many wargaming actors, unlike his colleague Peter Cushing. Nevertheless the surprise I have in mind is that I'm going to write about wargaming in what purports to be a wargaming blog. My convalescence has moved on from doing nothing except watch the television (a large number of documentaries about the second World War, just over half of the 1973 BBC series 'The Pallisers', and a reminder of how good Jeremy Brett was as Sherlock Holmes) to being able to do some painting. I have virtually finished the Roman legionaries that were mysteriously clogging up the desk and so had to decide what to do next. I believe that I mentioned that I bought a couple of German machine guns and crews (one firing and one being carried) at Derby. In my mind they were MG08/15 light machine guns, but on closer inspection they are the original MG08 medium guns and as such not much use for the scenario that I have in mind for the first try out of Through the Mud and the Blood. I therefore feel obliged to do what any wargamer would do in the circumstances, rush the shiny and new to the front of the painting queue ahead of any stuff that would actually fit in with my plans to play games. It's the only way.


  1. Glad to read that you are on the mend! As for Brett, to me, he IS Holmes. I never tire of that series.

  2. Jeremy Brett was my favourite SH. None better. Did you ever see that bizarre matchup between Brett's Holmes and Roy Marsden as a vampire? A strange pairing of two very fine actors.
    Good to hear that you are feeling better.