Saturday, 15 August 2015

A divine urge to bombard

I'm afraid that it's wargaming today. I previously excused myself from the subject when I explained that I was too busy having a blast. Well the blast has gone on holiday so until she returns it's back to the toy soldiers.

Talking of toys, we continued with James' completely over the top Seven Years War extravaganza. We are three weeks in with at least another week to go although sadly for once I can't point you to an illustrated report on the Olicanalad blog because James has also left the country. It will be early September before this is finished. The Russian infantry have defended stoutly, throwing the Prussians attackers back out of the church as they did earlier out of the mill; all of which seems appropriate and consistent with period. The Russian cavalry however, have been poor (again pretty realistic) and I think overall, barring some sort of morale disaster, the Prussians are bound to win. The scenario has worked OK, but some tweaks are required to the objective values and the rules for handling the entry (and exit) of forces from the table.

The last action here at the Casa Epictetus was many weeks ago when we refought Tewkesbury. I have only just got round to clearing the table in the wargaming annexe after that game and in doing so managed to drop a large box of bombards. The obvious questions are, was there much damage, and why on earth do you have a large box of bombards? Dealing with second point first - I like bombards, we all have our quirks. And there was some damage, which is being repaired. This has required the paints, glues etc to be retrieved from the cupboard and my thoughts therefore turned to preparing some new figures.

The last reference to that subject on here was even longer ago when I undertook to get some more chariots organised for my Ancient Britons. A rummage through the plastic mountain has turned up a single Airfix chariot so that has hit the painting table. I've also found some Roman auxiliary archers so it looks as if we will get to test the missile rules next time we play To The Strongest! in this period.

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