Saturday, 8 August 2015

Пусть он землю бережет родную

The epic Seven Years War scenario created by James to get all his toys on the table has rumbled on for a second week. There are plenty of photos - and a brief commentary - over on James' blog. It was a very enjoyable evening for the Russian commander and the umpire, but less so for the Prussian player, Peter keeping up his reputation for abysmal dice rolling. On one occasion he spectacularly failed major morale on all six commands at once. The worst troops on the table - the Cossacks - had another belter of an evening; the best troops - various Prussian guard units - ran away at the earliest opportunity.

Your bloggist celebrates the performance of his Cossacks

Sadly, the Russians aren't ultimately going to win. The lateness of the arrival of the reserves plus the incompetence of their placement (although in my defence the major morale rules have meant that opportunities to finesse entry points have been limited) means that the Prussians have done all the attacking and are best placed. My only hope I think is that my cavalry win the anticipated melee on my left without suffering too many losses and can threaten the Prussian rear. Of course, I do have more Cossacks on the way....

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