Sunday, 2 August 2015


I awoke this morning to find that my computer had taken it upon itself to start using Windows 10. On the plus side my copy of Office, which had stopped working completely a month or so ago necessitating workarounds with OpenOffice, has burst back into life. On the minus side, using Bluetooth now seems to require about twenty steps and all my default programmes have been reset to, guess what, Microsoft's own version. Such is progress. While I'm chuntering on I am also pretty pissed off with BT who have tried to charge me £5 per month for BT Sport which I neither ordered nor want. I have complained to Ofcom in a futile gesture, which will achieve nothing and doesn't even make me feel better.

It  is a tradition of this blog to occasionally include a photograph of your bloggist on top of one of the high points along the Wharfe Valley surrounded by women of a certain age. In an unwelcome development the following - taken on Hare Head - also seems to include a fair number of men.

As was pointed out to Bertie by his gentleman's gentleman in 'Thank You, Jeeves': Physical exercise is a recognised palliative when the heart is aching.

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Cilla Black, but, let's be honest, she couldn't sing so here instead is some Yusuf.


  1. You are dressed as quite the outdoorsman. Bravo!

    Your exploits with the cable/internet provider jostles my memory about a recent situation of my own. For years we had cable and internet bundled. This past spring, we had had enough of the cable junk and cut the cable for the TV. Since then we have been quite happy with Hulu, Netflix and over air local stations.

    The twist to cutting the cable? Our bill for internet only compared against the bill for cable plus internet was EXACTLY the same! That's right. When questioned, the provider said, "oh you were getting a bundled price when you had both."

    Less service same price. Great business model.

  2. They are all shysters. BT were trying to do the reverse of what you experienced. They bundled the sport for free until yesterday when they started to charge for it. I assume that most people were like me and didn't realise that they were theoretically getting it in the first place. I am pretty sure that in the UK it's illegal to supply something that someone never asked for and then demand money for it, although I think the law was written with physical goods in mind.

    And if you think you can tell what I'm wearing in that picture then you're looking at the wrong person.

    1. Ok then. Identify yourself in the photo!

    2. As for your brush with Bastard Telecom, I share your pain. We recently had our contract tidied up - for no additional charge, they have removed the 40Gb on our monthly broadband data shifting (this replaces the previous arrangement, where we got cash penalties for every excess 5Gb or part thereof, and - you guessed - it now matches what has been offered to all new customers for the last two years) and, since our broadband is too slow to allow us to actually watch it, I cancelled the BT Sport service with effect from 1st August, which is the date the £5 monthly surprise package starts.

      The unpleasant young man on the service desk announced that as a result of these changes, The Computer told him we would have to increase our direct debit payment by £9 a month. We discussed whether this might perhaps be an inopportune attempt at humour, since our account was already in credit - his response was that if I did not agree to the increase then I could not cancel the BT Sport feature, and would have to pay the £5.

      I am too tired and too depressed to follow up the legality of this, so agreed to it. Since our credit will increase further and I will be able to reduce the payment again soon I shrug it off on the grounds that you ultimately pay for what you use - I am merely lending them a little cash in the short term, so that they may pay the unpleasant young man's wages. I am keeping notes, though. The daily BT Yahoo publicity photos of the beanfeast celebration for the launch of the new high-profile BT Sport team are especially welcome in the circumstances.

      Your walking photo displays suitably dreich weather for the occasion - and someone brought a flask - that is nice. Good for you, though - in fact, as everyone seems to be obliged to say on Facebook, Well Done You (a phrase which irritates so much I have been pondering a dedicated blog post).