Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Who's gonna furrow your field?

This blog has once again been blessed with a non-wargaming female reader. Regulars may remember Elkie Brooks' biggest fan who took me to task for the perceived lack of respect that I showed to that lady, although from memory all I did was acknowledge that she preferred to take to the stage refreshed. I believe I was very complimentary about her singing.

Anyway, the new visitor has observed that readers only leave comments when I am complaining about something, whereupon there is a wave of people piling in to also moan and grumble. She has deduced ["Hmm," says the Rhetorical Pedant "I'm pretty sure that you mean abduced."] that I and all my readers are grumpy old men. How rude and how inaccurate.

Blog readers are as puzzled as I am

In the aforementioned blog comments there was a request for me to identify myself among the walkers pictured on Hare Head. Now the requester is not the sort of man to mess about with; by his own admission he regularly dines on raw alpaca. However I'm afraid that for reasons of security I prefer not to be recognisable. Apart from the obvious and ever present danger from enraged husbands I have an additional concern: I have already bought a ticket to an Elkie Brooks concert this autumn. And we all know how fierce her fans can be.


  1. I must hold my hand up and freely admit to being a grumpy old man. Now what's her problem?

  2. Me too. Out and proud!

    As for the lady's problem, I suspect envy. She wishes that she was blessed with our clear sighted view of the world.