Sunday, 9 August 2015


I don't know what everyone else's experience of Windows 10 is, but I'm really unimpressed. The 'improvements' seem to amount to a heavily reduced battery life and making bluetooth too complicated to use. On a more positive note I have had a response from Ofcom regarding my complaint about BT's inertia selling of their sports channels. It's a boilerplate reply because they have obviously had a fair number of similar objections raised. In a massive turn-up for the books I find that I am actually fairly happy with what they say and with the actions that they have made BT undertake. Who'd have thought it?

The ratio recovers

 Once again moved by Jeevian afflatus I have taken to the hills, with the bonus this time of a ride on a steam train. That's Oxenhope in the background.

Well my heart knows me better than I know myself

Over the summer I seem to have spent more time checking out bands on in local pubs. They vary in quality and it's not made any easier by the outfit playing often being completely different to the one advertised in advance. Worthy of mention have been the Guiseley Brothers, although sadly the music didn't live up to the excellent name, and a bunch last week who did an astonishing mélange of 'Whole Lotta Love' and 'Black Horse and a Cherry Tree', switching seamlessly backwards and forwards between the two as the piece progressed. Mind you, they also did just the worse possible version of 'Space Oddity', so no one is perfect.

Anyway, the reason I go to watch these bands is just on the off chance that I come across someone like these:

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