Thursday, 20 August 2015

You can check out any time you want

Normal Wednesday night wargaming is suspended due to all the others having better things to do. I therefore repaired to the Otley Folk Club. Interestingly, given the previous post on this blog, one of the floor singers sang a song in praise of Nye Bevan. If I might be allowed a quick rhetorical question ["Permission granted" - RP], will singers at folk clubs in seventy years time be singing songs about Yvette Cooper, Theresa May or whoever the bloke is who's in charge of the other lot? I said it was a rhetorical question. Of course if Scotland becomes independent then Alex Salmond is a stone cold certainty to appear in a celebratory ballad. And Thatcher will no doubt be used to scare children for all eternity.

"This is my truth, tell me yours"

The main act last night were the Gerry McNeice Band, who not only seem to have a constantly rotating line-up between gigs, but also between songs. In any event, they were rather good. Highlight of their set for me was a most enjoyable version of 'Hotel California' with the iconic guitar figure being played on the flute. Special mention must also be made of one of the other floor singers who gave us an amusing and bawdy song about the louche behaviour of a girl from Cleckheaton, ironically lauded in the lyrics for her class and style. Now, while I may possibly have laughed along with the rest of the audience at the time, I wish to make it clear that I have the highest regard for women from the part of West Yorkshire which lies just south of the M62; the absolute highest regard.

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