Monday, 24 August 2015

Ælfric warned us about this

I continue to receive carved mouse sightings; this time from a special correspondent south of the M62 - but not, she has asked me to clarify, in Cleckheaton - who tells me that Wakefield Cathedral is also replete with the buggers. Yorkshire is infested with Mousey Thompson mice.

I would offer a wargaming update, but it has been suspended again. I was intending to do some painting yesterday, but decided to go to the pub to see the excellent Dr Bob and the Bluesmakers instead. The chariot and Roman auxiliaries remain stuck at the undercoat stage. I am heading out shortly for some boardgaming which is occupying more of my time these days - possibly because it occurs at scheduled times rather than relying on any diligence or focus from me.

I haven't bored/educated anyone with some obscure 70s music for a while, so here are the Flamin' Groovies for your delectation and delight:

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